Tattfoo Tan


The Nature Matching System, 2013
Vinyl photo mural

Dating back to the 16th century, artists have been favoring food as a subject of their work. Whether it is in still life or as a subtle nod to sexuality, food has served as muse for both the technical and the thinking artist. In a new exhibit at CR10 Arts, a four-year-old nonprofit contemporary arts project space in Linlithgo founded by Francine Hunter McGivern, the focus is not just on food, but how ideas of sustainability, community activism and small-scale farming impact our perception of our shared food system. Included in the exhibit FOODshed: Agriculture and Art in Action, curated by Amy Lipton, a collection of artists (including Tattfoo Tan, who’s work is represented here) will use the space, in a site-specific manner, to wrestle with these issues and explore how awareness fuels our hunger, and vice versa.

FOODSHED: Agriculture and Art in Action
August 8-September 5
CR10 Arts
283 Country Route 10

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