Edible Weddings: Meet the Couples: Heidi Hackemer + Tyree Montague

a just married couple rows a boat on a foggy lake

How did you meet?
Ty bought Heidi at a charity auction to raise money for a mutual friend years ago and we had a drink—we work in the same industry and neither of us thought much of it except as a networking thing. We did that for a few years. 
Where did you have your wedding?
We wanted to honor the part of us that loves a good adventure and to be totally immersed in nature. During our first summer dating, we floated in tubes down the Delaware, got out at a rock and had lunch. So we thought, “What if we floated down the Delaware, got out on a rock, and got married?” 
What was your favorite moment during your wedding?
We floated down the river for an hour, through this intense mist. We saw an eagle and a flock of geese fly overhead, we listened to the river sounds over the rocks, we breathed in the smell of sage that we had been gifted from our Lakota friends in South Dakota … it was grounding, spiritual, and surreal. 
What was your biggest wedding splurge?
If there was a splurge, it was that Heidi bought a second dress as her original wedding dress didn’t feel right for an elopement moment.
What was your budget?
We didn’t think budget because we were coming in way below what we would have spent on our original plan of a 150-person wedding. 

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